Without a waiver, every year, thousands of Canadians and others are refused admission due to their criminal records. Just showing up at the border, uninformed and unprepared can lead to many unpleasant experiences such as but not limited to:



Expedited removal;

Seizure of your vehicle;

A five year ban ...and many more.

Don't let this happen to you.I know you can think of better ways of spending your time than with a suspicious public servant who thinks his job is to keep people like you out of the country.

Tired of just looking at the bridge that spans the border? GET your waiver and CROSS it!

I will teach you how to verify your admissibility. Each government being a sovereign state, the rules and laws will differ depending on whether you are a Canadian wishing to enter the USA or an American who wants to go to Canada.

If you come to the conclusion that you are inadmissible or have been refused entry to either country, you will need "border rehabilitation". Let me assist you and give you step-by-step guidance. I will demystify this intimidating process and help you present your case in the most favorable way. You will also learn how to avoid the two critical mistakes that absolutely guarantee failure. Even sensible and intelligent people fall into these traps all the time. You wont! We all want your application to be successful.

Although a pardon is not the solution that allows you the freedom to travel, your criminal record does have many annoying consequences right here at home. Should you decide to have your records sealed and kept away from prying eyes, I will walk you through the maze.

Once you have overcome all these restrictions, you may want to assert your new found liberty. Check out the section on visas, work permits and other immigration services that I can provide. Did you know that the North American Free Trade Agreement provides a wealth of opportunities that can really broaden your horizons if you are a professional or possess some specialized skills?

If I can't help you solve your immigration problems, I will help you find someone who will.

Why do your waiver yourself
A waiver is important enough to be done by yourself,
Start your waiver journey
An I-192 waiver will help you overcome your inadmissibility due to your criminal record. Your step-by-step tutorial begins
Continue your waiver journey
Your waiver journey continues. The second step in our tutorial will show you what Court documents you need and how to obtain them.
Proving your Identity
You will need to submit a photocopy of the first five pages of your passport and of both sides of your driver's license.
Waiver tutorial for Form I-192
Step by step guide to help you overcome your criminal inadmissibility issues. If you're having difficulty filling out the I-192 waiver form, this is a walk thru.
Waiver tutorial and step by step guide to form G325A, biographic information
This waiver tutorial is a free step by step guide to filling out the G-325A biographic information form. If you are having difficulty filling out this form, this is an easy to understand walk thru.
Purpose of Waiver
Your waiver should be obtained for a legitimate purpose. Give authorities a good reason for wanting a waiver.
Waivers are won and lost here
Your waiver will depend on how you present the circumstances that led to your inadmissibility and how well you describe your present circumstances. Convince them that you are rehabilitated.
A waiver for the Prodigal Son
Biography of a waiver. Find out how and why I got mine and let me teach you to get yours.